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Book Reviews

Agnew, Jean-Christophe. World's Apart: The Market and the Theater in Anglo-American Thought, 1550-1750. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. 1986.
   Reviewer: Steve Deng (3/27/2003 8:37:00 AM)
Alexander, Catherine, M.S. and Wells, Stanley, Eds.. Shakespeare and Race. Cambridge: Cambridge U P. 2000.
   Reviewer: Rachel Williams (3/19/2004 10:33:00 AM)
Aravamudan, Srinivas. Tropicopolitans: Colonialism and Agency, 1688-1804. 1999.
   Reviewer: Jeen Yu (8/14/2001)
Beebee, Thomas O. . Epistolary Fiction in Europe, 1500-1850. Cambridge UP.
   Reviewer: E. Cook (7/19/2000)
Bruster, Douglas. Drama and the Market in the Age of Shakespeare. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. 1992.
   Reviewer: Steve Deng (3/27/2003 8:44:00 AM)
Cary, Elizabeth, and Stephanie Hodgson-Wright. The Tragedy of Mariam : The Fair Queen of Jewry. Peterborough, Ont.: Broadview Press. 2000.
   Reviewer: Bill Gahan (3/23/2003 1:40:00 AM)
Clery, E.J.. The Rise of Supernatural Fiction 1762-1800. Cambridge UP.
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Cunnally, John. Images of the Illustrious: The Numismatic Presence in the Renaissance. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1999.
   Reviewer: Stephen Deng (12/3/2001 5:21:00 PM)
Daston, Lorraine and Katharine Parks. Wonders and the Order of Nature. New York: Zone Books. 2001.
   Reviewer: Tassie Gniady (3/18/2004 1:40:00 PM)
Eisaman, Katharine Maus. Inwardness and Theater in the English Renaissance.
   Reviewer: Patricia Fumerton (8/14/2001 8:48:00 PM)
Eisenstein, Elizabeth L.. The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe. Cambridge Univ. Press .
   Reviewer: Jeen Yu (3/26/2000)
Engell, James. The Committed Word: Literature and Public Values. Penn State University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Ezell, Margaret J.M.. Social Authorship and the Advent of Print. The Johns Hopkins University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Frushell, Richard C.. Edmund Spenser in the Early Eighteenth Century: Education, Imitation, and the making of a Literary Model. Duquesne University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Fulton, Gordon D.. Styles of Meaning and Meanings of Style in Richardson’s “Clarissa”. McGill-Queen's University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Gardiner, Ellen . Regulating Readers: Gender and Literary Criticism in the Eighteenth- Century Novel. University of Delaware Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Goldberg, Jonathan. Tempest in the Caribbean. Minneapolis; University of Minnesota Press. 2004.
   Reviewer: Liberty Stanavage (3/19/2004 6:25:00 PM)
Grossman, Michael (ed.). Aemilia Lanyer: Gender, Genre, and the Canon. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press. 1998.
   Reviewer: Donna Beth Ellard (3/22/2003 5:10:00 PM)
Haggerty, George E.. Men in Love: Masculinity and Sexuality in the Eighteenth Century. Columbia University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Hall, Kim F.. Things of Darkness: Economies of Race and Gender in Early Modern England. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 1995.
   Reviewer: Caroline Hong (3/24/2003 9:06:00 AM)
Hammond, Paul. Dryden and the Traces of Classical Rome. Oxford University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Hart, Kevin. Samuel Johnson and the Culture of Property. Cambridge University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Hume, Robert. Reconstructing Contexts: The Aims and Principles of Archaeo-Historicism. Oxford U P .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Irlam, Shawn. The Poetics of Enthusiasm in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Stanford University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Jardine, Lisa. Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance.
   Reviewer: Jeen Yu (3/26/2000)
Jenkins, Hugh. Feigned Commonwealths: The Country House Poem and the Fashioning of Ideal Community. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press. 1998.
   Reviewer: Tassie Gniady (3/23/2003 4:28:00 PM)
Kewes, Paulina. Authorship and Appropriation: Writing for the Stage in England, 1660-1710. Clarendon Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Linebaugh, Peter and Marcus Rediker.. The Many Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners, and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic. Boston: Beacon Press. 2000.
   Reviewer: Mac Test (3/18/2004 2:50:00 PM)
London, April. Women and Property in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel. Cambridge University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
MacDonald, Joyce Green. Women and Race in Early Modern Texts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2002.
   Reviewer: Simone Chess (3/23/2003 11:56:00 AM)
Marcus, Leah.. The Politics of Mirth: Jonson, Herrick, Milton, Marvell, and the Defense of Old Holiday Pastimes .. U. of Chicago Press.. 1987.
   Reviewer: Bill Gahan (3/21/2004 8:36:00 AM)
Marotti, Arthur F.. Manuscript, Print, and the English Renaissance Lyric. Cornell University Press. 1995.
   Reviewer: Eric Nebeker (3/20/2003 12:02:00 PM)
Martin Gurr, Jens. Tristram Shandy and the Dialectic of Enlightenment. Heidelberg Universitatsverlog .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
McAdam, Ian. "The Jew of Malta: The Failure of Carnal Identity.". Newark: University of Delaware Press. 1999.
   Reviewer: Shanna Salinas (3/19/2004 12:33:00 PM)
McKenzie, D.F.. Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts. Cambridge University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
McManus, Caroline. Spenser's Faerie Queene and the Reading of Women. Newark: University of Delaware Press. 2002.
   Reviewer: Jeen Yu (3/24/2003 12:01:00 AM)
Money, D. K.. The English Horace: Anthony Alsop and the Tradition of British Latin Verse. Oxford University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Motooka, Wendy. The Age of Reasons: Quixotism, sentimentalism and political economy in eighteenth-century Britain. Routledge .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Moulton, Ian Frederick. Before Pornography: Erotic Writing in Early Modern England. Oxford: Oxford UP. 2000.
   Reviewer: Kris McAbee (3/20/2004 2:48:00 PM)
Orgel, Stephen. Impersonations: The Performance of Gender in Shakespeare's England. Cambridge University Press. 1996.
   Reviewer: Tassie Gniady (1/8/2002 1:16:00 PM)
Pearson, Jacqueline. Women’s Reading in Britain, 1750-1835 : A Dangerous Recreation. Cambridge University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Pinkus, Karen. Picturing Silence: Emblem, Language, Counter-Reformation . University of Michigan Press . 1996.
   Reviewer: Andreas Zachrau (12/7/2001 10:02:00 PM)
Piper, William Bowman. Reconcilable Differences in Eighteenth –Century English Literature. University of Delaware Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Potter, Tiffany. Honest Sins: Georgian Libertinism and the Plays and Novels of Henry Fielding. McGill-Queen's University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Prest, John. The Garden of Eden: The Botanic Garden and the Re-Creation of Paradise. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 1981.
   Reviewer: Sören Hammerschmidt (3/20/2003 9:37:00 PM)
Richter, David H.. Ideology and Form in Eighteenth-Century Literature. Texas Tech University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Schmidt, Rachael. Critical Images: the Canonization of “Don Quixote” through Illustrated Editions of the Eighteenth Century. McGill-Queen's University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Schwartz, Kathryn. Tough Love: Amazon Encounters in the English Renaissance. Duke University Press. 2000.
   Reviewer: Simone Chess (3/20/2004 2:11:00 PM)
Sondergard, Sidney L.. Sharpening Her Pen: Strategies of Rhetorical Violence by Early Modern English Women Writers. Selinsgrove: Susquehanna University Press. 2002.
   Reviewer: Kris McAbee (3/22/2003 11:28:00 AM)
Spencer, Jane. Aphra Behn's Afterlife. Oxford University Press . 2000.
   Reviewer: Vanessa Coloura (3/23/2003 3:11:00 PM)
St. Clair, William and Irmgard Maassen Eds. Conduct Literature for Women 1640-1710. 6 volumes. London: Pickering & Chatto. 2002.
   Reviewer: Jessica Murphy (3/23/2003 1:44:00 AM)
Vickery, Amanda. The Gentleman’s Daughter: Women’s Lives in Georgian England. Yale University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Wahl, Elizabeth Susan. Invisible Relations: Representation of Female Intimacy in the Age of Enlightenment. Stanford University Press .
   Reviewer: William Warner (7/12/2000)
Wahl, Elizabeth Susan. Invisible Relations: Representations of Female Intimacy . Stanford: Stanford UP. 1999.
   Reviewer: Rachel Mann (4/9/2003 11:57:00 AM)
Wall,Wendy . Staging Domesticity: Household Work and English Identity in Early Modern Drama . Cambridge University Press. 2002.
   Reviewer: Weiwei Ren (3/20/2004 12:03:00 AM)
Waller, Gary. The Sidney Family Romance: Mary Wroth, William Herbert, and Early Modern Construction of Gender. Detroit: Wayne State University Press. 1993.
   Reviewer: Andreas Zacharau (3/24/2003 2:20:00 PM)
Waller, Maureen. 1700: Scenes from London Life. Four Walls Eight Windows .
   Reviewer: Diana Solomon (3/12/2001)
Wendy Wall. Staging Domesticity: Household Work and English Identity in Early Modern Drama. Cambridge University Press. 2002.
   Reviewer: Weiwei Ren (3/19/2004 11:23:00 PM)
Woodbridge,Linda. Money and the Age of Shakespeare: Essays in New Economic Criticism. Palgrave. 2003.
   Reviewer: Eric Nebeker (3/21/2004 11:52:00 PM)
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