Welcome, Graduate Students!

The Center offers graduate students specializing in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries a space in which they may utilize the latest technologies to cross traditional period boundaries between Renaissance and Enlightenment as well traditional distinctions between faculty and student, graduate and undergraduate. Graduate students are encouraged to collaborate with each other, with faculty, and with undergraduates in coursework and online research projects. Graduate student Fellows are chosen annually to facilitate such collaboration and advance Center activities.

Student Projects
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Graduate Student Directory

Name Email Office
Katie Adkison kadkison@umail.ucsb.edu SH 2432-F
Jonathan Callies jcallies@umail.ucsb.edu SH 2432-Q
Katharine Campbell kecampbell@umail.ucsb.edu
Jeremy Chow jchow00@umail.ucsb.edu SH 2432-A
Phillip Cortes pmc@umail.ucsb.edu SH 2432-Q
Danielle  Davey danielledavey@umail.ucsb.edu
Thomas  Doran thomasdoran@umail.ucsb.edu SH 2432-T
Christopher Foley foley@umail.ucsb.edu
Michael Grafals puertopensee@gmail.com Comparative Literature
Kristen McCants kmccants@umail.ucsb.edu SH 2432-H
Theresa  Russ tmruss@gmail.com 2432-F
Bethany Wong bjwong@umail.ucsb.edu
Catherine Zusky zusky@umail.ucsb.edu

Affiliated Graduates
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